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Hollandaize Art

Squishmallow Death Metal Vinyl Decal

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for the squishmallow lovers who are little bit more *ahem* hardcore >:)))

These vinyl decals are made with Permanent Vinyl, so they are car safe, dishwasher safe, uv safe, all that good jazz! Be sure to follow application instructions when applying! Since this is permanent vinyl, you only get one chance!

Size: 7in x 4in


1.) Wash area with dish soap and a damp towel!

2.) Dry completely with paper towel!

3.) Wipe with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry completely!

4.) Peel the paper backing behind the sticker!

5.) Place sticker on the dry surface!

6.) Peel off the clear transfer tape that is over the decal and enjoy!


My stickers will stick best if you follow these instructions! 🐸💜


All stickers are shipped in an envelope with clear wrap to protect during shipping. No tracking number will be available.

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