When will my order ship?

I ask for at least 7 business days of processing time when it comes to packaging orders, though you can expect most orders to ship ahead of schedule! As of April 2022, I begin packaging orders on Fridays. All orders placed before midnight Friday morning will be a part of my weekly drop off!

How long will it take my order to get here once it has shipped?

USPS First-Class Shipping has a domestic delivery time of 1-10 business days. For faster shipping, please purchase a shipping upgrade at check out! Please note that delivery delays can occur for a variety of reasons, including weather, holidays, labor shortages, etc. Please have patience with USPS as they deal with lack of funding in a package riddled world! Please note, once I drop off packages, I cannot change addresses, upgrade shipping, or speed up the delivery process. Thank you for your understanding!

Do you ship internationally? 

Unfortunately, I am unable to ship internationally via my main store, but I can take all international orders via my Etsy shop! Use the code SHOPIFYLOVE for 10% International orders! Visit my Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/hollandaize

Will my sticker order have tracking?

In order to keep the cost of my stickers down and still offer free shipping, I mail all sticker orders in standard First-Class Letters via USPS, which means they are untracked. I offer a sticker tracking shipping upgrade however, and if you would like your order to be tracked, upgrade to a paid shipping plan at checkout! 

Help! My order hasn't arrived/arrived damaged! What should I do?

Feel free to reach out and contact me at Hollandazze@gmail.com with any order issues! I want to do my best to make sure you recieve product you are happy with safely! I will take concerns on a case by case basis, but please rest assured that damaged items (with a photo of damages) will recieve a replacement! Unfortunately, once I drop off orders, they are out of my hands, and it is possible that damages and loss may occur. I appreciate your patience as I am just little ole me!





Are your stickers waterproof?

All of my vinyl stickers are waterproof and water bottle tested! So don't hesitate to slap those babies on your hydroflasks! I print and make most of my vinyl stickers myself, and they are printed on top quality vinyl sticker paper and sealed in a glossy or holographic laminate. Waterproof is not synonymous with weatherproof however! When washing your sticker riddled water bottles, please do so by hand and not in the wash. The heat and steam of the wash can damage the ink! Same goes for putting my standard vinyl stickers on your car! The sun may fade the ink, so be sure to only put my bumper stickers on your cars!

Do you make your bumper stickers yourself? 

Unfortunately, the photo printer I use is unable to print with an ink that is resistant to UV Rays, meaning that any sticker I make myself will fade if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. We don't want that for our bumper stickers, do we! That's why I outsource my bumper stickers from the lovely Sticker Ninja! I can strongly recommend this fantastic manufacturer and encourage you to follow their instagram @stickerninja!

I am curious what products you use to make your stickers! May I ask what you use/where you get them?

OF COURSE!!! I am not here to gatekeep! I am ready and willing to answer any questions you may have about my products and how I make them! Feel free to email me at Hollandazze@gmail.com, or send my a DM on my Instagram @Hollandaize_Art!

I have a question about the contents of a mini sticker pack! Where can I see what the mini packs contain?

For information about my mini sets, please see their product description and look at their product photos! If you have further questions, please feel free to email me at Hollandazze@gmail.com!

What is Accessible Backing?

If you order accessible backing, I will make a small cut in the paper backing of the sticker, which will make it easier to open! I know stickers can be a pain, so I hope this option can make my product more easily accessible!

I want to place an order for custom stickers! Where can I do so?

Email me at Hollandazze@gmail.com with all custom inquiries! Chances are, if I am not busy with other things, I will likely take on your commission for an added fee! Please though, respect my time as an individual, and know custom inquiries are not subject to the same processing time as standard orders. I appreciate your patience, and thank you for loving my art!

I want to place a bulk sticker order! Can I get a discount?

As of June 2022, my Faire Wholesale shop is open for business!! Use the link, hollandaizeart.faire.com , for $100 off and 1 year of free shipping for new retailers! If you are not a retailer and want to order in bulk, feel free to contact me via email at Hollandazze@gmail.com!






What size prints do you offer?

Most of my prints are currently offered in standard 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10 inch photo sizes! I have some specialty prints that are in different sizes as well. 

Matted and Boarded prints are larger in size, due to the frame.
With frame: 8x10in prints are 11x14in
5x7in prints are 8x10in
4x6in prints are 5x7in

How do you make your prints?

I make my prints myself with thick, high quality matte photo paper and my Canon photo printer! Upon shipping, all prints get sealed in a thick and durable plastic wrap, and are shipped in a flat rigid mailer to protect them during shipping. Matted and Boarded prints have extra rigidity to them, and will be even more durable in shipping! My prints are vivid and fade resistant, but please note that prolonged UV exposure fades all color! So be sure to keep this in mind when choosing where to display your new print!

I have a brilliant idea for a new print / a request for customization! Where can I contact you?

I LOVE customer ideas and request. Whenever possible, I love to explore your ideas in my art style! Please send all ideas and commission requests to my email Hollandazze@gmail.com!





Are your mystery bags full of B-Grade or C-Grade products?

Nope! My mystery bags are not to be confused with oopsie bags and the like! They are filled only with A-Grade, high quality products!

I already have some of your stickers and prints! What if I get something I already have in my mystery bag?

Don't you worry! Leave a comment along with your order letting me know what you already have, or send me an email at Hollandazze@gmail.com!

Can I request certain items in my mystery bag? 

I am always down to know what you like/don't like when making your mystery bag! If you want to give me a theme, I'll go for it! However, due to the nature of mystery bags, I will not be able to fulfill all requests for specific items. If you know you want something in particular, order it directly! I promise you won't be disappointed ;)

What if I hate my mystery bag!!!

Bestie, if you love my shop, I promise you won't hate your mystery bag! All mystery bag sales are final, and I am unable to refund any mystery bags that you are unhappy with. If you are worried you'll end up disappointed, please just order the things you like from my shop directly! 





What's going on here?

My pins are in a bit of a transitionary period at the moment! Currently, all of my pins are hand-sculpted, hand-painted, and sealed with resin! However, to be honest I no longer feel their quality reflects my shop standards, and I am working on outsourcing them as acrylic or enamel pins! So as of right now, I will not be restocking any pin designs. I am hoping to have the new pins up and running on my shop in the Summer of 2022, so stay tuned! 





I wanna collab! How can I express my interest?

HEY I WANNA COLLAB TOO! Message me on instagram @Hollandaize_Art and I will get back to you! I love meeting new folks so I am always open to inquiries! Please note however, that I am not obligated to take part in anything that I am not comfortable or not willing to do, so please be understanding!

I want to order in bulk! How can I do that?

As of June 2022, my Faire Wholesale shop is open for business!! Use the link, hollandaizeart.faire.com, for $100 off and 1 year of free shipping for new retailers! If you are not a retailer and want to order in bulk, feel free to contact me via email at Hollandazze@gmail.com!I am sending my order as a gift!

Can I include a special note?

Yes of course! Leave a comment at checkout letting me know your order is a gift and what message you would like to include! I am also working on a gift wrap upgrade that is in the works as of April 2022! Email me at Hollandazze@gmail.com for now if you are interested in this upgrade!